Sweetwater Sandals specializes on handmade barefoot jewelry.  Flaunt your bare feet and wear as everyday beachwear, a bridal accessory for an outdoor wedding, yoga wear, or even wear with you heels as an accent!  We also offer a great alternative if you are looking for an actual sandal.  CHULA SANDALS.. are interchangeable, multi-way sandals.  Get strings in several colors to alternate depending on your outfit or occasion.

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 Sweetwater Sandals is an extension of Sweetwater Bamboo Arbors. Cindy Zackman (my mother) is the owner operator of Sweetwater Bamboo Arbors and we both share a love for creativity, attention to detail, and making something visually engaging and unique.  Each pair of Barefoot Sandals are handmade with a special design and chosen bead style.  The option for ordering a pair customized to your speicifications is more than welcome!  We will add newly made pairs daily so please check back regularly for new and up and coming styles and colors.




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Cherie Crawford